Thanksgiving STEM Challenges

10 Thanksgiving STEM Challenges

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Feeling a little burnt out from homeschooling with the days leading up to Thanksgiving? Don’t want the kids sitting in front of the television for hours while they are home from school? Don’t worry, this the perfect time to change up the norm and give your kids a few Thanksgiving STEM Challenges.

Why STEM Challenges?

STEM Challenges (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) are an excellent way to integrate various learning skills and styles into one activity. They also work well when you are working with multiple ages/grades simultaneously or when you want to get your kiddos from in front of electronics.

Thanksgiving STEM Challenges

Introducing STEM

When I was growing up, we made it our best effort to stay out of sight on the days leading up to Thanksgiving and especially on Thanksgiving Day as our mother was hustling and bustling about preparing for dinner that evening. We resorted to watching the classic Thanksgiving Cartoons and the Thanksgiving Day Parade.

At this point, most kids are familiar with the term, STEM. The question is, “how do you get your kids to willingly do a STEM challenge when they are off from school?” My best technique for getting my kids to do work (I mean have fun) over the holidays is creating a STEM Exploration BasketsThe basket consists of various items that can be used to build and create such as popsicle sticks, pipe cleaners, balloons, toothpicks, and more. I also include the directions to each activity that explains a variety of challenges for the kids to complete. Task Cards are great for providing both guidance to complete a task and independence for kids to explore. Check out items for your Exploration Baskets and grab three Task Cards below!


Finding STEM Challenges

Finding STEM challenges is super easy. The internet is filled with STEM challenges for all reasons and seasons. Take a look at these 10 Thanksgiving themed STEM Challenges to get your kids exploring!

Candy Corn Catapults–  Great way to use up the candy corn and get their minds moving. 

Hand Turkey Geometry – Sneak in a little math over the holidays with this classic hand trace activity

Butter in a Jar What a great way for the kids to help get things ready for Thanksgiving and learn a little science.

Taste-Safe Cranberry Slime Find out what happens when you mix the fun of slime and yummy cranberry sauce in this slime-tastic stem activity.

Turkey Balloon Rockets The stem challenge is a great activity for all your kiddos regardless of age.

Easy Fall Sink or Float Your littlest scientist will enjoy making hypothesis and experimenting to see which of their items sink or float.

Turkey Egg Drop– a fun twist to the classic egg drop is a great way to keep the kids busy while dinner is cooking.

Turkey Lego Build Lego’s are a great way to keep the kids thinking and engaged for hours. Toss in a turkey and you will have them building for ever!

Candy Pumpkin Buildings Explore engineering strategies using these tasty treats and see how strong your structure is.

Thanksgiving Dinner Table Who knew paper could be so strong? Test your building skills to see if your dinner table is ready for your feast!


I hope you enjoy these STEM Challenges. Thanksgiving is such a wonderful day to come together and reflect on the past and look to the future!

CHIME IN: Do you have any other STEM Challenges or ideas to keep the kids engaged?

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