A Blended Thanksgiving
Family, Family Dynamics

High Power Blending

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High Power Blending

When various foods are placed into a blender, they each have their own individual taste and textures. As the blending process starts, each food begins to breakdown and merge with the other ingredient. Over time, the ingredients are mixed together to form one scrumptious new food.

Bringing two families together to form a new one is very similar to the blending process. The traditions, norms, values, and experiences of each family is thrown into the blender. Both families undergo a high powered dose of mixing and grinding in an effort to successfully create a delectable “new” family.


This process doesn’t come without its difficulties and often takes time. As a Blended family, things aren’t always easy. Sometimes, there are rifts, disagreements, and arguments between children or between step parents and step kids.

Even in our dynamics, things are still not as good as they could be. We are still in the blender and the motor is still on high! However, at this point in the blending process, we are still Perfectly Blended and Blessed.

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