8 DIY Christmas Gifts
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8 DIY Christmas Gifts from Kids

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8 DIY Christmas Gifts from Kids

Christmas time is a wonderful time of year. It is a time when families come together celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. It is also a time when many people search and search for the perfect gift for loved ones.  What gifts can you give to mom, dad, sister, brother, or grandparents that truly show it is from the heart?

As a mommy of 8 children in a blended family, I struggle with finding the right gift for the kids to exchange with one another or to give their grandparents. Contrary to popular belief about home school moms,  I also am not a big fan of crafts! In fact, I am one of the least crafty people I know. Go figure.

Last week, I decided to poll my readers about blog topics for this week. Wouldn’t you know it, the request came in for “handmade” gifts from kids. Oh, the irony!!! So, I set out to find 8 DIY Christmas Gifts that even the least crafty mamma could do. I searched and search and was amazed to find some awesome and easy handmade gifts. Check them out!

8 DIY Christmas Gifts

#1. Reindeer Thumbprint Mugs

Reindeer Tumbprint Mug

This cute mug is super simple and sweet for kiddos to give to parents or grandparents. The supply list is short and easy (mug, porcelain pen and paint). You could even add the names of your kiddos under each reindeer. Jen @TheMadHouse just helped peak my interest in getting crafty this Christmas!

#2. Snow Globe Photo Ornament

snow globe ornament

Ok! This one is a winner in my book!  What grandparent doesn’t love to see pictures of their grand babies? I was able to find the clear ornaments at my local dollar store. My kids are excited about being able to have an ornament with their picture inside. I think this is also a great way to see how much the kids have grown from year to year. Thanks, Kristen @Busy Kids. Happy Mom

#3. Personalized Candle

Candles are a great gift that can be used year round. Creating a personalized candle allows your kiddos to create a masterpiece and then have it transferred to a candle. The process is pretty simple and really inexpensive. Check out this video on YouTube by ArtCraftCrazy.

#4. Handprint Apron

Handprint Apron


Kierste, @simplykierste totally gave this non crafty mommy a great idea for a gift. This cute apron is perfect for moms, dads, and grandparents. Pick up a blank apron from a craft store, some paint and you are set. Want to really decorate? Add ruffles, bows, and more to bring out the personality of your gift recipient.

#5. Manicure in a Jar

Manicure in a Jar

Are you looking for an inexpensive gift for that tween girl in your life? This is the perfect gift idea for a sibling to give. All of the supplies can be purchased at the dollar store and labels can either be printed or handwritten. Lauren @GroovyGlue even suggest socks, snacks, and a gift card for boys!!

#6. Legos To Go Box

Lego Box to Go

Have your kids ever tried playing with Legos in the car or on the go? My kiddos always get frustrated because they have to take their creations apart. This Lego To Go Box is a perfect way to store and take Legos along anywhere. Sarah @ThankYouHoneyBlog.com gives step by step instructions that are simple for your kiddos to make this neat Christmas gift with minimal adult supervision.

#7. Prayer Box

Christmas time is a great time to remind others of the importance of a relationship with Jesus Christ. A healthy prayer life plays a big part in developing and strengthening that relationship. Using a few supplies, like a mint box, scrapbook paper, glue stick, and varnish, Laura @AweFilledHomemaker.com offers step by step instructions to make this adorable Prayer Box.

#8. Christmas Story Stones

Last but not least….Christmas Story Stones perfectly combines the rock painting phenomenon with the much-needed skill of storytelling. This craft allows kiddos to decide which pictures to paint and then opens them up to the world of imagination. Sarah @Ruffles and Rain Boots made me realize that even this non artsy mom can help her kiddos create a fun and educational gift to give to their siblings.

Alright folks, so if you are running out of gift ideas or time is closing in before Christmas, you now have 8 super easy and cute ideas for your kiddos to make as gifts.

Until Next Time,

Christel, “The Chaos Coordinator” 

P.S. Still can’t think of anything? How about a print out of the 12 Stem Days of Christmas and a bag full of all the supplies? Check out the list of activities here.

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