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I spend countless hours on Pinterest and other social media sites reading articles by blogging mommies, such as Cara Harvey @ A Purpose Driven Mom.  Reading tips and ideas on how moms manage to keep their houses clean, kids schooled, and husbands happy is so interesting to me. My mind always thinks, “Blogs are for perfect moms! I could never do this.”

At least that’s what I thought…

Our family moved to a new state almost two years ago. During this transition, we found a new church home that totally met the needs of our family. Most people were impressed by our ability to successfully get our 5 children to church on time for Sunday school each week. When we would share that we also had two adult daughters and were expecting our 8th child,  then their jaws would hit the floor.

I remember sharing with others about our amazing blended family and some of the tips and tricks my husband and I use to “Control our Chaos.” A woman said to me, “You should do a blog! You have a lot of information to share.” Christel, a blogger, no way! I have nothing to share that isn’t already being talked about. What makes our story so different or unique?

Then it hit me, blogging isn’t about sharing something completely new or different, it is about allowing others to have a window into your life.

Blogs-Passion BeginsA Beautiful Blog Beginning

Being who I am, I took days to find a platform, and come up with a niche for my blog. I asked my husband, my children, and finally decided that I would blog about our crazy, quirky blended family.  Instantly, Perfectly Blended and Blessed was created. This blog became not only a place for me to share our world and ideas with others.  It became a place that allowed me to begin to process, express myself, and connect with other women who were as passionate about their lives and families as I am.

Blogging is becoming a way of life for me. It is that one thing that I look forward to doing each week. Since our world is always turning and moving, I had to become intentional about nurturing Perfectly Blended and Blessed. Although I have to add “work on blog” as a task on my ever expanding to-do list, it never feels like a burden. I am blogging because it has become my passion. I love taking time to share bits and pieces of our world with others. The same window that I love looking into when I read mommy blogs, is what I love creating for others to experience when they read Perfectly Blended and Blessed! 

Blended families are not easy. They take commitment and dedication from everyone. Our family is filled with love, joy, and, as you can read in my my post, High Powered Blending.   It is the foundation and passion for why I created my blog.

What’s your passion? Now, get writing!



-Christel is a wife and mommy to 8 exceptional children. She spends her days homeschooling their youngest 6, running the families non profit organization, Focusing on Families, Inc., working as an Educational Consultant, and finding ways to be the “Chaos Coordinator” in their ever so crazy crazy and quirky blended family.

“Guys, can we PLEASE take one serious picture?”



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