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Hey everyone! My name is Christel. I am beyond thrilled that you have found this site. Let me tell you about myself. I am a wife and mother to 8 children, I affectionately call, “The Exceptional Eight.”                     


Our family isn’t like many of the large family mamma’s you come across. My husband and I were not high school sweethearts. We haven’t been married for 20+ years and neither of us have been walking with Christ since the womb.

Rodney and I are both on our second marriage, after years of not following Christ. We both grew up in church, but really didn’t walk the talk. A year into our marriage, we both accepted Christ and made a decision that we would both use our talents to help others.

Now, as a homeschooling family of our youngest 5 children, we both work together to give them the best education possible. I call myself, “Christel, the Chaos Coordinator.” Each day is a new day and Rodney and I share a love for one another and our children. Our blended family is like many others and we ride the roller coaster that comes with the territory!




Blogging Life is For Me



Peace and Blessings!

Christel “Chaos Coordinator”


Guys! Can we just take one serious picture?