Family Dynamics

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Blended families aren’t for the faint at heart. It takes a lot of love. patience, prayers, and forgiving.


Perfectly Blended and Blessed is here to help you find

“Joy on the Journey.”


FREE Random Acts of Kindness Calendar

Random Acts of Kindness Begins Last night I abruptly woke from my sleep after finally dozing off only minutes before ...
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The Fatherless Father's Day

The Fatherless Father’s Day

The Friday before Father's Day at school finally arrived. “Tell us about your dad, Christel” Mrs. Brown excitedly said. I ...
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A Blended Thanksgiving

In our home, Thanksgiving is a time for our family to come together and give God thanks for all He ...
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A Blended Thanksgiving

High Power Blending

High Power Blending When various foods are placed into a blender, they each have their own individual taste and textures ...
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