Establishing Independent Play

Calming the Chaos: 5 Steps to Establishing Independent Play

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After baby number 7, our house became a little bit crazier. The added blessing significantly altered the structure and routine we all had grown accustomed to. Our little guy also was constantly entertained by his older siblings and never learned the meaning of independent play.

You would think we would have learned our lesson when baby number 8 arrived. Our youngest, almost 2 years old, runs the roost and keeps his siblings at his beck and call. He single-handedly manages to organize around the clock entertainment by one of the kids. From toy trains, books, to coloring, our youngest son is entertained by everything and everyone, but himself.

I realized I made a huge mistake by never letting my kids explore and play independently while they were younger. Something had to be done.

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5 Steps to Establishing Independent Play in Children

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