How to Rock Your Meal Planning

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The dreaded phrase: Meal Planning!

Meal Planning for my family is hard work!. My husband, 8 children, and myself all have extremely different taste buds. I was exhausted after planning our meals for the week. Between taste preferences, severe allergies, and making sure meals were healthy, I felt like we were eating the same foods over and over again.

A while back, I knew it was time to come up with a solution for our house. I decided that I did not want to be limited to just the things that I “knew” how to cook, but I also wanted to begin to explore new foods. I knew before I began adding to our meal list, I needed to write down all of my family’s favorite meals. You won’t believe it, but I went straight old school. I wrote each meal on an index card. By the time I was done, I had 30 index cards.  Each time I decided to make our meal plan for the week, I took out the cards and selected 7. I wrote them down on a piece of paper and then took the list to the store. Can I just say, this process was a true nightmare? I had tiny index cards all over the place. I knew this wasn’t the best system, but for a while it worked.

Needless to say, my anxiety got the best of me and I no longer could stand this system. I still felt like we were eating the same thing. Some how, I was still selecting the same few recipes every few weeks. Then it hit me! I decided to take each of our meals and break them down into categories, beef meals, chicken meals, pasta/turkey/pork meals, seafood meals, slow cooker/freezer meals, and fun Friday meals. Once again, I took out my little index cards and sorted them according to their category. I decided that each day of the week, we would have a different category of food. I created a meal plan that allowed us to have a different meal each day for four weeks.

The birth of an 8 week meal plan!

I challenged myself to come up with 8 meals under the six categories (I doubled our beef meals) for a total of 56 meals. I enlisted the help of my hubby and kids. We sat down, selected our favorite meals, and even created a Pinterest board for new ideas. Ya’ll, we created an 8 week meal plan. It was amazing! Each week, I would just select something from one of the categories and add it to the list. I could decide meals based on supermarket sales and even how our weekly schedule was looking. I thought I found the magic solution.

In comes Organize Your Life With Trello

After thinking meal planning could not get any easier, I saw a post over at A Purpose Driven Mom about being a Beta Tester for a new online course that would help Organize My Life!! As a work at home mom, homeschooling mommy, Director of a non-profit, and wife, I am always down for anything that helps organize my life. I signed up for the course and the way I look at organization has changed forever.

Trello is an online tool that allows me to have my meal plans, task, and daily planner at my finger tips. I decided the first area I would test out this course was in the area that I needed it the most, Meal Planning. I figure the best way for me to get you to see how this program has revolutionized how I meal plan is for me to show you. So check out my video below:


Now tell me that is not awesome!! In less than 5 minutes, I am able to create our meal plan for 8 weeks and create a grocery list to go with it. I no longer have to carry around my little tiny index cards or even a paper with our meals on it. Since Trello is also an app, I am able to take my phone into the store and grocery shop with ease.

More than Meals!

I know you might be thinking, “O.K. great you can plan your meals, but what else?” For the record, I have now begun to use Trello for multiple areas of my daily life. I have a board for Perfectly Blended and Blessed, our daily chores, and I am even working on one for my kid’s to use for as their home school planner. Don’t think Organize Your Life with Trello is all that big of a deal? I invite you to take a FREE Mini Class. Take some time look around and see for yourself and when you sign up for the course (which I know you will), come back here, click on Meal Plan to copy my board to get you started. Also, download this Ultimate List of Trello Boards (freebie)



Chime In: How do YOU Rock Your Meal Planning?

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