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Online Classes and Workshops

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Looking for online classes or workshops for your students?

Here you will find a list of  the exciting and engaging online classes and workshops we will be facilitating in collaboration with Huddleston Academy.

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Introduction to Ecosystems

Ecosystems are all around us. In fact, you are a part of one. This hands-on class will introduce your children to ecosystems and the many things that make them up. Your child will also learn about the two factors that work together to keep an ecosystem going, food chains, food webs, biomes, and even have a chance to create their own ecosystem! They will have the opportunity to share projects and test their knowledge while playing Ecosystem Trivia game during the last class.

Virtual Book Club for Girls

The Untold Princess Diaries: Life and Legacy of 4 African Princesses

This class will look at the life and legacy of 4 African Princess from Angola, Ethiopia, Benin, and Uganda. Power Points, videos, and class discussion will be used for class instruction.

Writing activities will be used to compare the lives of each princess, as well as, relate their characteristics and values to the lives of participants. The class will conclude with each participant sharing their “Princess Diary.”