When Chronic Medical Conditions Impact Your Homeschool
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When Chronic Medical Conditions Impact Your Homeschool

As a large family with six children still living at home, things can get mighty crazy on a regular basis. Although we have a structure and routine for how our day flows, we often deviate from it because of the many, shall I say, “personalities” of our precious children. Each day, we never really know what we are going to get.

Our, Game Changing, little guy decided that he was going to test the strength and endurance of our family and homeschool structure. After struggling to get my little guy to eat baby food, we decided it was time to seek a specialist. When all the labs and blood work were in, we found out that our baby was diagnosed as failure to thrive because of his inability to properly empty his stomach. To help him, he needed to be hospitalized to have a nasogastric tube inserted. He would begin 10-hour overnight feedings to replace the nutrients he was not receiving.

After a four-day hospital stay and training from some amazing nurses and staff, we learned how to care for his tube, change his tube, and prepare his feedings. We were set to care for our son! Then reality hit us, we still had the responsibility to educate our two sixth grade, fourth grade, and pre-kindergarten children.  How were we ever going to get into a homeschool routine again with all the doctor’s appointments we were now facing?



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FREE Printable Africa Counting Mats

20 printable Africa counting mats for preschoolers!

As we launch our Proud to be Me! curriculum, I couldn’t wait to get these amazing counting mats into the hands of your little ones.


How We Use Africa Counting Mats

The printable comes with numbers 1-20. In our home, we started by focusing on numbers 1-5. My little guy used everything from cars to cereal as counters for this activity! Each mat, not only focuses on number and number word recognition, but lets them see the beautiful continent of Africa!  The counting mats serve so many purposes because it allows my little one to color and also identify the letters in each number word. I found that introducing each number and the number word together works really well for my four year old.


How will you use the Africa Counting Mats?

I would love to hear from you. Come back and let us know how your little one enjoyed the Africa Counting Mats.